Front Entry Doors – Protect Your Home From Inclement Weather and Add Curb Appeal

Front entry doors protect the home from inclement weather and would-be intruders while adding beauty. They also improve a home’s energy efficiency. Durable steel and fiberglass doors are engineered to minimize air leaks and increase insulation.

Several entry door options feature glass from sidelights to transom windows. If privacy is a concern, select textured obscure glass.

Entry Doors

The front doors of your home serve a vital function, shielding the interior from inclement weather and would-be intruders. They also make a visual statement that reflects the style preferences of its residents. Depending on your preference, you can choose a solid door to complement your architectural style or a door with glass. Many of the door options available can be combined with sidelights and transoms to create a stunning entry system.

If you’re looking for a combination of durability and beauty, you can’t go wrong with an iron door. Durable and requiring minimal maintenance, these doors stand up to the Northeast’s varying weather conditions while providing a boost in curb appeal.

Entry doors from Marvin are designed to blend security, functionality and aesthetics with a harmonious blend of style and energy efficiency. Crafted from resilient Accoya wood, these doors are available in a variety of panel profiles and decorative glass to fit your unique taste.

Entry Door Hardware

Front door hardware isn’t just a functional piece; it can add a polished look to your home. For entry doors, there are a few styles to choose from. The classic door knob is paired with a keyed deadbolt to provide security. This hardware style is popular for the front door and doors that lead to a garage.

Lever handles have a streamlined shape and work well in both traditional and contemporary homes. They may also be easier to use for those with arthritis or other limitations.

You’ll find door handle finishes in a variety of colors and textures that coordinate with your design style. Some are more durable than others to resist damage from weather and intruders. Energy efficiency is another feature of front door hardware that includes foam cores and Low-E glass.

Entry Door Glass

Clear glass front doors allow plenty of natural light to enter a foyer and add beauty to a home design. Options like Low-E glass for energy efficiency and textured obscure and decorative glass for privacy allow homeowners to customize an exterior door that fits their design concept.

Durable and attractive, front door glass is made of tempered glass to ensure safety and protection against big impacts and small dings. Some styles also include a dentil shelf for added elegance and visual interest.

JELD-WEN’s fiberglass exterior doors with glass offer plenty of panel configurations, glass options and woodgrain patterns for a personalized look. The durable Accoya wood core of these doors is pressure tested and acetylated for strength against Long Island’s weather conditions. These entry doors with glass also feature Low-E multi-pane glass for a thermal barrier to help reduce energy loss. For a high-performance combination of beauty and functionality, try their Nova series that pairs a decorative glass with a ComforTech insulated core.

Entry Door Installation

Entry doors have an important job to do, shielding a home’s occupants from inclement weather and would-be intruders, yet they also add curb appeal. They can be solid, framed with sidelights and flanked by transom windows, or energy-efficient with frosted glass.

Door colors are another aesthetic consideration. Some are natural, others are more vibrant – it’s all about what best suits your home’s overall style and architecture.

The type of surface you choose is an important factor, as it determines how the door looks and how it handles finishing materials like paint or stain. For instance, a smooth finish is easier to sand and stain than a textured one.

There’s also a wide variety of handle sets that you can choose from. These can be very ornate and made of different materials like brass or polished nickel. You can even get a keypad entry system, which will allow you to enter your home without the hassle of keys.