Door Styles in Smithtown NY

Door styles Smithtown NY help to establish the architectural style of your home. Depending on your tastes, there are many different options to choose from.

Cabinet makers are not specialized by room; they often provide custom built-in storage and shelving for all areas of the house. They also offer kitchen and bathroom design services.


Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a large part of any kitchen’s design, so they play an important role in determining the overall look. Shaker door styles offer a simple and timeless appearance, allowing them to work well with any design style. They are especially versatile with hardware, allowing homeowners to choose ornate and decorative knobs and pulls or simpler geometric options depending on their preference.

Shaker doors are among the most popular choices for many homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. They can be stained to highlight natural wood hues for traditional homes or painted any color for modern and contemporary designs.

There are several variations on shaker door styles, ranging from the classic simplicity of the traditional style to the more refined appearance of the midway and slim styles. The midway shaker door is characterized by stiles and rails with equal depth on both sides of the recessed panel, while the slim shaker style offers narrower stiles for a more sleek look.

Detailed Flat Panel

Unlike true panel doors that feature multiple pieces combined, flat panels consist of one-piece surfaces with no discernible stiles or rails. These types of door fronts can work for either interior or exterior applications and offer more flexibility than a traditional flush style.

Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors can give your kitchen a traditional flair and are great for those who like the ornate look of cabinetry. However, their detailed designs and textures can also collect dust more easily and require more frequent cleaning to maintain their beauty.

For comprehensive design and decoration services, consider working with an interior designer in Smithtown. They will hone your style down to its essence and help you choose products that complement your home. For surface-level aesthetics, you can work with a home decorator instead, who typically has less formal training and focuses on surface-level enhancements. They can help you find a paint color and choose furniture that fits your lifestyle.

Unique & Special

Accordion doors fold like a accordion, allowing for a wide and unbroken view of your home’s outdoor spaces. These doors are perfect for those who wish to connect with their outdoors without having to open and close the door multiple times. Similarly, telescoping patio doors act like multi-slide doors, offering expansive views of your outdoor spaces in one smooth motion.

Your entry door should be a harmonious blend of security, style, and energy efficiency. Choose doors that are ENERGY STAR certified, reducing your heating and cooling bills while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

To serve as an advisory board to the Town of Smithtown’s Planning Director and Town Board, meeting upon request or on its own motion for the purpose of discussing matters related to the preservation of the cultural, architectural and archaeological heritage. To recommend to the Town Board the creation of historic districts when such is deemed appropriate. To establish guidelines and restrictions on land uses within such districts.


Designed to blend with today’s style trends, contemporary doors are an excellent option for Saint James homeowners looking for door replacement options that are both stylish and functional. Generally flat with a focus on simplicity, they’re often made from materials like aluminum or steel and offer a sleek appearance for your home.

Whether you’re planning a full-on home renovation or simply want surface-level enhancements, a Smithtown interior designer or house decorator can help bring your design vision to life. They’ll distill your tastes down to the essence and choose a functional layout that feels natural to you.

Smithtown custom home builders are skilled at more than just construction; their job entails local market research to make sure new homesites make sense for your budget and lifestyle; surveying land to assess whether it can be built upon; securing permits; and performing dozens of other tasks. To find a qualified residential contractor, browse Houzz’s Professionals section to read detailed profiles, view work photos and review reviews.