Installing Entry Doors in Smithtown NY

Entry doors serve a function, shielding the home from inclement weather and would-be intruders. They also provide a visual statement that can reflect a homeowner’s style preferences. They can be solid, framed with sidelights or flanked by transom windows. Energy-efficient options include frosted glass and triple pane windows.

Smithtown is a north shore bedroom community that’s close to beaches, lakes and golf courses. It’s also surrounded by state parks, nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries.


New front doors can make your home more energy-efficient by keeping the heat in during winter and cold air in during summer. They can also provide more security and improve your curb appeal. Make sure to hire a team of Smithtown door installation experts that has the experience and knowledge to complete your project right.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass entry doors, such as those made by ProVia, are a great choice for homeowners who want a wood-like look while still being energy efficient. These doors use foam cores to provide excellent insulating properties. Additionally, woodgrain fiberglass entry doors mimic the defined grain of authentic wood doors and are available in a variety of textures and stain colors.

Many of the door options available through this company have glass, from sidelights and transoms to full windows in the door itself. These options let natural light into the foyer and add visual interest to your entryway, but they don’t provide as much insulation as a solid door.


The material a door is made of can make a big difference in its performance and longevity. For example, solid wood doors look beautiful but require regular maintenance and can swell or crack over time due to the Northeast’s varying weather conditions. Steel and fiberglass doors are a better choice because they can hold up to harsh weather and offer more insulation.

Besides enhancing your home’s visual appeal, these doors also help to reduce your energy costs throughout the year. High-quality insulated doors minimize air leaks and enhance insulation, which can result in significant savings on your heating and cooling bills.

In addition, some door installation professionals can add a variety of features like sidelights or transoms that bring natural light into your home and enhance its aesthetic. They can even install a frosted or tinted glass to protect privacy without sacrificing visibility. This is especially useful in areas that receive a lot of sunlight and need added privacy.

Variety of Styles

While entry doors serve a vital function of protecting the home from inclement weather and would-be intruders, they also add to its curb appeal. You can choose from a variety of styles that match your home’s architectural style, from contemporary to classic. Some front door designs can even be combined with sidelights and transoms to create a stunning entry system.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, you can opt for a solid wood door that complements your home’s architectural style. Or, you can choose a door with glass panels to let more natural light into the foyer. Other options include a double-door that’s divided horizontally into two half-doors or a screen door for ventilation and security.

TruStile, a Marvin brand, tailors their entry doors to your home’s design with a wide selection of panel profiles and glass options. These are crafted from resilient Accoya wood, an acetylated product, to ensure durability and beauty. You can also choose a stain that’s hand-rubbed by skilled craftsmen for added protection and durability.


Your home’s front door makes a huge impression on visitors, which means you want it to be the perfect complement to your luxury home. It is also an important security feature, which means it needs to be strong and sturdy. By custom ordering your exterior doors, you can make them more attractive and reliable. You can even choose doors made with increased burglary resistance.

Glass doors are a beautiful way to allow natural light into your home while still maintaining privacy. They are available in a wide variety of styles, and you can add sidelights or transoms to them for a dramatic effect.

Wood doors can be crafted to reflect rustic cottage-style looks, classic designs, or modern sensibilities. They are durable and can last for decades. Their finish can be stained or painted to match your home’s trim, floor, and cabinetry. Many are insulated to reduce noise and energy efficiency. They are also designed to resist dents and scratches, so they can keep your home looking like new.