Types of Replacement Windows

Windows are an essential part of any home, allowing in light and improving its beauty and function. They should never be overlooked or neglected, as they can cause leaks, drafts and other problems.

Energy-efficient windows can reduce your energy bills by reducing heat loss and gain in your home. They also help in reducing the amount of harmful UV rays that enter your home.


Fiberglass is a durable, long-lasting material that can be used for many applications in residential homes. It is also non-corrosive, which makes it a good choice for coastal climates and industrial applications.

ENERGY STAR qualified windows can protect your home from heat loss in winter and limit the amount of heat that enters your home in summer. They are also an excellent choice for reducing your energy bills and lowering your carbon footprint.

Window replacement contractors offer several options to choose from when choosing a new window. Each material has a different life span, energy efficiency level, and price point.


Known for their energy efficiency, composite windows are a great choice when you want to save on your electricity bill each month. They provide excellent insulation that keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are also resistant to rot and mold.

Unlike vinyl, composites are strong and durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They also don’t warp or crack, which means they are a great choice for older homes.

Fibrex frames are much stronger than vinyl and can be manufactured with narrower frame sizes to maximize glass area. This allows for a better view and more natural light. They can also be painted, which makes them more customizable than vinyl.


Energy-efficient windows in Smithtown are a must for homeowners looking to lower their heating and cooling costs. This is because these windows limit the transfer of heat into and out of your home. These windows feature frames filled with polyurethane foam, fusion-welded corners, vinyl spacers that limit energy transfer between window panes and low-E glass that minimizes harmful UV rays.

Double and triple pane windows feature an insulating layer of argon between the window panes, which significantly reduces heat loss. They also feature soft-coat Low-E glass that blocks harmful UV rays, which will protect your furniture and fabrics from fading over time.

Triple pane

Triple pane windows provide an increased level of energy efficiency, helping to keep your home more consistent in temperature year-round and saving you money on your energy bills. They also reduce outside noise and can significantly increase your home’s value.

However, they are more expensive than double pane windows and require a more complicated installation. Choosing a professional Smithtown window installer is the best way to ensure that your triple pane replacement windows are installed correctly.

Triple pane windows come with two gas-filled spaces that improve insulation and help prevent condensation. They are also more resistant to cold climates and are much less susceptible to drafts.

Decorative glass

Decorative glass, sometimes known as art or sculpted glass, adds unique color and texture features to a home. These glass elements are carved, painted, or etched and can be used as window or door panels. They also work well as feature walls in offices and homes.

Designed to be energy-efficient, these windows are glazed with a decorative caming layer sandwiched between dual-glazed ComfortTechTM warm edge glazing. This helps reduce heat loss and lower utility bills in the winter and summer. The resulting windows are also impact-resistant and can help protect your family from harsh weather conditions.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a safety feature that is often required in areas where broken windows could pose risks to friends and family. It’s also used in car windshields, table tops, shower doors and the screens on smart phones.

This type of glass is made by heating and cooling the material, which makes it up to four times stronger than annealed glass. It’s less likely to crack and break into sharp shards, which reduces the risk of injury.

Other options include frosted or tinted glass, which allows light to pass through while obscures visibility. These types of windows are ideal for bathrooms in Smithtown homes where privacy is a concern.


Wood replacement windows are a good choice for homeowners looking for a classic aesthetic and excellent energy efficiency. They can prevent heat from entering your home in the winter and lower cooling costs in the summer. Energy-efficient windows also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve indoor air quality.

If you’re looking for ENERGY STAR windows, look for companies that offer a wide selection of options and can answer any questions you may have. For example, Renewal by Andersen offers a high-quality product with a long history and many positive reviews on review websites. Its new Fibrex material combines the strength of wood and vinyl with vibrant colors that won’t fade, narrow frames for a larger view, and shape-retaining performance.