Custom Doors Smithtown NY

Custom doors Smithtown NY

Doors are one of the most used items in a house, which makes it important to keep them looking good. A Custom doors Smithtown NY helps to boost the appearance of a home and enhance its security.

Fiberglass is a low-maintenance alternative to wood (which can rot) and steel doors (which can dent). It is also more energy efficient than steel.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are one of the most traditional and beautiful door types available. They can be built to match a specific design style, in a wide variety of fashions and are a great alternative to more common fiberglass or steel options. A wooden door also brings a much more natural feel to any building and is often seen as a sign of class and prestige. These doors are crafted from tough conifers and are often far more durable than their steel or fiberglass counterparts.

In addition, a custom wooden door is made to order, so it’s unlike any other door on the market. This means that it will not only fit your home perfectly but will provide a unique look to your home. With the added benefit of being a good insulator, these doors will keep warmth in and noise out far better than their metal or fiberglass alternatives. They are also far less prone to damage and can last for centuries with minimal maintenance.

Fiberglass Doors

The front door is the first thing guests see, and it reflects your home’s style. It needs to be tough against the elements and easy on the eyes. Exterior doors also need to provide energy efficiency and security. Fortunately, Smithtown entry door professionals can help you select the perfect doors for your home.

Therma-Tru fiberglass doors are a cost-effective alternative to wood or steel. They’re tougher than normal doors and work well under extreme weather conditions. Fiberglass doors are also more resistant to dents and scratches than other materials.

The Craftsman Collection’s fiberglass entry door is a welcome addition to any Arts and Crafts-style home. This style features a simple design and deep Fir grain pattern. This durable door is rot-proof and requires little maintenance. Composite rails protect the top and bottom of the door from moisture, while a 1 1/4’’ engineered lumber lock block provides stability and rigidity. In addition, the doors contain foam insulation that improves energy performance.

Steel Doors

Steel doors can boost your home’s security, lower heating and cooling costs and boost your curb appeal season after season. They resist moisture, rust and warping for years of reliable performance. They are naturally strong and extra durable, and showcase a sleek look that is easy to maintain.

Choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes and glass options. Designed to suit multiple home styles, these steel front doors deliver the durability you need with design features that enhance your home’s architecture. You’ll also find a selection of insulated and fire-rated options, making these steel entry doors an excellent choice for your front door or house-to-garage door.

Available in both flush and panel designs, these steel entry doors feature high definition panels with triple-shadowed detail that casts strong shadows. They are galvanized to resist rusting, have steel stiles and rails for added strength and feature a polyurethane foam core for insulation. They are also available in a range of color options and can be customized with your choice of hardware, glass kits or louvers.


A deck is a great way to level un-even surfaces in your backyard and provide a more usable space. Decks are also a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. It can be equipped with a hot tub or built in seating and a fireplace to create a warm cozy atmosphere.

A local Smithtown deck builder will survey your property and come up with a design that is functional, compliments the exterior of your home and is structurally sound. They will recommend sizes, heights and construction materials that are right for your lifestyle and climate. They will also explain stain and finish options.

A local Smithtown custom door company will work within your budget to provide a quality product that will last. They offer two unique product lines, Distinctive Door Solutions and Classic Door Solutions. The Distinctive Door Solutions line features high-end made to order wood doors and the Classic Door Solutions line offers budget friendly semi-custom doors in timeless styles.